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Worcester Cathedral

Right near to the River Severn Worcester Cathedral is a magnificent building that almost has to be seen to be believed. If you are visiting the area then there is so much for you to see and do that it can almost be impossible to try and fit everything in however Worcester Cathedral is something that you should make sure you fit into any trip, because it is breathtaking.

Not only is Worcester Cathedral famous for its foundations and magnificent building structure but it is known throughout the world for being part of the oldest choral festival in existence – the Three Choirs Festival.

The team behind the schemes at the cathedral pride themselves in offer something for everyone. Being a party of their local community is important so they welcome everyone from all walks of life into their events and are open to visitors from further afield throughout the year.

What you will find when you visit Worcester Cathedral is that there is something for everyone. You can simply visit to take in the surroundings and marvel at the work that went into building this picturesque building. You’ll find plenty to feast your eyes upon and being surrounded by history and culture is really an experience worth trying.

However if you want more from your day out then Worcester Cathedral can help with this to! Throughout the year the cathedral keeps up a busy events schedule which means that no matter when you are choosing to visit there will be something to suit you. With a whole range of choir events, seminars, lectures and tours you can easily find something to enjoy and take part in whenever you pay a visit to the cathedral.

If you are planning a visit in the future then you can easily find out about the events that are up and coming to help make sure you tie in your visit with something that is happening that you think you would enjoy.

Music pays a massive part of life at the cathedral ranging from choirs to full-blown concerts there is always something going on for you to sit back and listen to. The cathedral prides itself on its music program so you can be sure that everything they present to you is going to be a high standard and something you will really enjoy.

If you want to see as much of Worcester Cathedral as possible then it is worth booking onto one of their tours which usually take place weekly from April to November. Visitors are welcome all the time and you are welcome to look around unsupervised but you may find that areas of the cathedral are closed of restricted if events are taking place. By checking when official tours take place and booking yourself onto one you can make sure that you see as much of Worcester Cathedral as possible as well as learning about the history and culture that is behind this magnificent and historical building.

worcester cathedral

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