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Chipping Campden Tourist Information

Chipping Campden Tourist Information

Chipping Campden, which is located in the Cotswolds, is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in all of England. Because of its central location in the Cotswolds, it is ideal for visitors on a sightseeing vacation. Not only can you enjoy all that Chipping Campden has to offer but you can also enjoy the history and amenities of other nearby villages and towns. Many of the Cotswolds most famous attractions, like Stratford-Upon-Avon and Warwick are less than an hour away.
There are many attractions nestled right in Chipping Campden that make it an attractive vacation spot for tourists including the nearby Hidcote Gardens. The buildings and architecture in the area are reminiscent of times past mixed in with some modern day look and feel. The Silk Factory is an attraction that focuses on the history of the area and times past. It is full of older artifacts that are relevant to the area. There are still products produced in the Silk Mill to this day. They are world renowned for their quality and attention to detail.

The Woolstaplers Hall was built in the 1340’s and still stands today. It is considered one of the oldest buildings in Chipping Campden and a must see for any visitor. For several hundreds of years the building was used for a wool exchange. Traders from all over the country would rust the Woolstaplers Hall to buy Cotswolds fleeces that they would ship all over the world.

The Market Hall is another structure that is still standing in Chipping Campden after hundreds of years. It was built in the 17th century as a way to provide some shelter to the traders who would be selling their goods in the streets. Incredibly enough, the Market Hall is still in use today and is as effective as ever with providing shelter to traders and merchants.



Cotswold Gardens Gloucestershire

Hidcote Manor Gardens

The beautiful Hidcote Manor houses and gardens of the Cotswolds are among the biggest draws of the English countryside for many visitors.  One of the most beautiful and well tended is Hidcote Manor Garden, located near Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire.  This stately English garden was actually created by an American expatriate named Lawrence Johnston.

Hidcote Manor Garden is best known for its layout of “rooms” which are interlinked together and feature beautiful hedges, shrubs, and flowers.  The garden is currently in the care of the National Trust, and was originally inspired by the gardening work of Alfred Parsons and Gertrude Jekyll.  Flowers and trees include hellebores, magnolias, narcissi, skunk cabbage, handkerchief trees, tulips, alliums, wisteria, and more.

When you explore Hidcote Manor Garden, you will explore “rooms” outdoors created by hedges, yew, hornbeam, and artificially constructed stone walls.  The rooms each contain different flowers, herbs, and other plants, ponds, fountains, and other beautiful features.  The gardens themselves are certainly the main feature of the manor and its biggest attraction, but there are other fun activities which you can also participate in while you are visiting.  You can play tennis or croquet, hunt for insects, or learn about gardening in a family learning workshop.  Classes are offered in tree climbing, and you can also embark on wildlife watches to see bats and other animals which come out around sunset.

Hidcote Gardens

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