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Bourton On The Water

Bourton on the Water is famously referred to as the “Venice of the Cotswold.” The village received its nickname mainly because of the fact that the River Windrush flows into and then out of the town and the small Cotswold stone bridges that span the river Windrush. Bourton on the Water is typically voted as one of the prettiest villages in England for good reason. In addition to the beauty of the River Windrush, the architectural style in the area is unique unto itself and the local surrounding area. The Cotswold houses and cottages can be dated back to the Elizabethan Times which were over 400-years ago.  The roofs on these houses are usually very steep and dormer style windows are always present. To add to its appeal, just about all the buildings have been built in a yellow Cotswold stone.
The unique architecture and the River Windrush are not the only things that Bourton on the Water has going for it. There are plenty of tourist attractions in Bourton On the Water that can help keep any visitor busy when they are not walking the river or visiting a local boutique. Birdland, which is a zoo for birds, is located in Bourton. It is known for its extensive collection of penguins. Some of the penguins are from as far away as the South Atlantic. Model Village is another attraction that must be visited when in Bourton. This is a 1/9 scale model that depicts what the city looked like in 1937. Interestingly enough, the Model Village was built using authentic materials. Additional attractions that may be of interest for visitors is the motor car museum, the perfume factory, Dragon Fly maze and the model railway exhibition.

The series of low bridges that cross the River Windrush, in conjunction with the stone banks, unique architecture and interesting attractions, make Bourton on the Water one of a kind. These reasons are why it is one of the most visited spots in the Cotswold.

Bourton On The Water has plenty of accommodation available from luxury Cotswold hotels, Bed and breakfasts, Guest Houses, Country Pubs and Inns and just out of the area you can find caravan and camp sites.

Bourton On The water is ideal for a family day out or a base for you to stay whilst you can explore all of the surrounding villages of the Cotswolds with Lower Slaughter and Upper Slaughter being nearby.

Bourton On The Water

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Bourton On The Water Family Days Out Tourist Attractions

Bourton On The Water Tourist Attractions

Bourton On The Water Tourist Attractions nicknamed the Venice of the Cotswolds, Bourton-on-the-Water has unique visitor appeal for people of all ages. As you stroll around the village you cannot help but notice the stunning architectural buildings built with local Cotswold stone with its distinctive warm hues of yellow from every angle.

Bourton On The Water has been regularly voted as the prettiest village in England. There are many tourist attractions with plenty to do on your visit, below are some of the popular must see tourist attractions:

The Dragonfly Maze

The Dragonfly Maze is an exciting traditional Yew hedge maze for all the family to enjoy, but with a twist added to differentiate from the usual mazes. It is all about finding your way to the centre of the maze to discover the golden dragonfly. Along the way are engraved flagstones with clues, which when completed will create a rebus puzzle to solve.

You will be given a clue card upon entering the maze to note down all your answers to the clues. If you can solve the rebus puzzle correctly it will reveal where you can find the golden dragonfly. Family tickets are available at a discount with under 4’s going free. A great family participation game for all ages.

Dragon Fly Maze Bourton On The Water 

Birdland – Park and Gardens

Birdland is an oasis for over 500 birds, there are 50 aviaries housing lots of varieties of birds including toucan, parrots, hornbills, pheasant and falcons. You will also find desert and toucan and tropical houses where the more delicate birds are housed.

There are flamingos and penguins, in fact the Birdland – Park and Gardens is home to the only King Penguins to be found in England, Wales and Ireland, so well worth a visit just to see these magnificent creatures. Along with the King Penguins you will also find Humbold penguins on site. The penguins are fed at 2.30pm everyday so that’s not to be missed.

There is a nature walk through the gardens covering 7 acres around the river Windrush and 150 poplar trees. With an on-site café to enjoy rest and eat, along with a gift shop selling all sorts of nature themed products an enjoyable day can be had by all the family.

Birdland Bourton On The Water 

Bourton-on-the-Water Model village

The model village based behind the villages Old New Inn is perfectly located right in the centre of the village. It is a 1/9th scale replica of the village of Bourton-on-the-Water. It took 5 years to build and was commissioned by a previous landlord of the Old New Inn. The model village was officially opened in 1937. The model village is a perfect replica of the village of Bourton-on-the-Water in the 1930’s.

It has great appeal with historians and photographers as well as visitors. Children love to stroll through the village, appearing like giants over the miniature buildings. Also situated in the model village is miniature world which is a unique exhibition of room sets and scenes such as grocer’s stalls and classrooms from a bygone era.

Another great experience for all the family to enjoy on a visit to Bourton-on-the-Water. The model village is open every day of the year except for Christmas day, but if you visiting in the winter time do check ahead of your visit if there has been any snowfall, as for safety reasons the village cannot open when there has been significant snowfall in the area.

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Model Village Bourton On The Water 

The Cotswolds Perfumery Exhibition

Well worth a visit is the Perfumery exhibition, it has been blending perfumes for well over 40 years in the heart of Bourton-on-the-Water. As well as a splendid garden filled with plants and flowers chosen for their aroma there is a shop where customers can test all the fragrances.

If you are interested in seeing how the perfumes are made then there are also tours available of the factory where your sense of smell will be tested to the limits. The tours give a unique behind the scenes look at a business that is still today manufactures by hand by a small team of dedicated staff.

The perfumery is quite unusual in itself that it is only one of three manufacturers and retailers of perfume in the whole of Europe. The tours start in the perfume garden and take in the compounding room, the laboratory and the packing room. All tours last for 45 minutes and all bookings must be made in advance.

Bourton-on-the-Water Model Railway Exhibition and Toyshop

The model railway exhibition is a real delight for any fan of model railways child or adult! It has over 500 feet of model railway with over 40 British and Continental trains. With some of the most impressive scenery, including mountains, industrial and suburban areas it makes great viewing following the train on its journey.

You also have the chance to watch the trains as they go from day to night and see the model railway as it would be at night time with some fantastic light shows. On site is also a toy shop selling an extensive range of model railways and trains.

Model railway Exhibition Bourton on The Water 

The Cotswold Motoring Museum – Bourton-on-the-Water

The motoring museum is a journey through the 20th Century with a collection of classic cars, vintage cars and caravans, motorcycles and motoring curiosities. There is an educational learning zone, where children from early years onwards can experience workshops all about the era of motoring.

As well as the normal exhibitions of motoring the museum also hosts new exhibitions each year. Open between February and December each year family ticket discounts are available to purchase. If you are a CMSA club member there is also 10% off entrance fees.

Motor Museum Bourton On The Water

With all of the above attractions to visit you can be sure of a fun filled time when visiting Bourton-on-the-Water with something for everyone to enjoy.