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Bibury Tourist Information

Bibury Tourist Information

Of all the charming villages in England’s beautiful Cotswold Hills, one of the most delightful by far is Bibury. Bibury is located in Gloucestershire County only a brief drive away from the market town of Circencester. Artist William Morris felt that Bibury was “the most beautiful village in the Cotswolds,” and many tourists have come to agree with him!

As with many of the villages in the Cotswolds, Bibury seems frozen in time. It is as if time has stood still, preserving Bibury as it existed centuries ago, offering an escape from the hubbub of modern life. Here you can relax in a tranquil and inviting atmosphere and immerse yourself in the rich artistry and history of England. The cottages in Bibury are built from Cotswold stone; most famously, the cottages of Arlington Row beside the Coln River are legendary for their steepled roofs and their historical use by weavers. The cloth produced in Arlington Row was sent across town to the Arlington Mill for degreasing. The Arlington Mill is now closed to the public, but you can still view the building from the outside. On visiting Arlington Row, Henry Ford was so enamoured with the steepled cottages that he tried to have them shipped to his native Michigan. Nonetheless they remain in Bibury as they have since the 14th century.
What else can you do in Bibury? Aside from appreciating the natural and manmade beauty around you, you can visit the Bibury Trout Farm and the Church of St. Mary. First opened in 1902, the Bibury Trout Farm is one of the oldest trout farms in England. At the farm’s gift shops you can purchase high grade fresh and smoked trout as well as fresh and frozen seafood and other local produce including fresh baked bread and milk, eggs and cheeses.

The Church of St. Mary in the town centre was built by Saxons and is home to some intriguing historical replicas. A stained glass window on the north Chancel wall acquired some renown when the Royal Mail featured it on a Christmas stamp in 1992.

Where can you stay while visiting Bibury? There are a number of options ranging from quaint cottages and cozy bed and breakfast houses to larger hotels. All of these lodgings are built in the same characteristic styles and materials as the rest of the cottages in Bibury and many of them are just as old, if not older, than the rest of the buildings in the village. We recommend the Cotteswold House bed and breakfast, the Bibury Holiday Cottages, Lupin Cottage, Mill Cottage, the Swan Hotel or the 18 bedroom Bibury Court House. These buildings all have rich histories behind them; the Bibury Court House on the edge of town is nestled in six acres of gorgeous grounds, while the Mill Cottage with its mullioned windows and stone tile roof has stood for a thousand years!
When you stay in the beautiful village of Bibury, you can enjoy the comforts of modern technology and the atmosphere of medieval history at the same time!