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Snowshill Lavender Fields

Snowshill Lavender Fields One intriguing and beautiful destination in the Cotswolds is the Snowshill Lavender Fields.  You’ll find the farm nearby Snowshill village, located on a hilltop which overlooks the larger market town of Broadway.  The farm includes row upon row of lavender plants—fifty three acres in all.  There are thirty-five different types of lavender planted in the field.  The farm is most attractive in the summertime prior to the harvest (which begins in July and runs through August).  During this time the rows are in bloom, presenting visitors with a bright, beautiful, and boldly colourful sight.

 While you’re visiting the Snowshill farm, you can stroll through the fields at your leisure and enjoy the beautiful sights and scents.  The scent of the lavender is very lovely and atmospheric.  At the farm you can also learn about the harvesting of the plant and the distillation process for making essential oils, as well as the uses of those oils.  Lavender essential oil not only smell wonderful, but also is used in aromatherapy as a relaxation aid which can relieve stress, anxiety, and tension headaches.  Lavender is also great for your hair, which is why it’s included in many shampoos.  You can make a hair rinse using lavender which you can buy at the shop.

At the store, you’ll be able to find pretty much any and every product you can imagine infused with lavender.  In bath products you’ll find lavender hand cleanser, soap, foaming bath soak, body scrub, body wash, bath salts, cleansing face wash, and more.  You’ll also find health products like lavender slumber gel, muscle rub, and massage oil.  House products include drawer liners, room fragrance, linen spray, incense, and candles.  And of course you can buy dried lavender in bulk or a bottle of lavender essential oil.

While you’re visiting the Snowshill Lavender Fields, make sure to stop by the Tea Room where you can try out lavender infused treats like lavender scones or shortbread!  If you come during lunch time you can also have a hot meal of soup and sandwiches.  Recipes for some of these treats are included online so you can make them yourself at home later using cooking lavender which you purchase at the shop.  It’s a great way to take a little piece of the Cotswolds home with you and relieve your memories, as is purchasing any product from the shop.  Smells associate strongly with our memories, so anytime you smell one of the lavender products you purchased at the farm, you’ll be taken right back to your memories of visiting the Cotswolds.

Where should you stay while you’re visiting the farm?  You can find accommodations at the delightful little town of Snowshill, which offers a lovely view of the surrounding countryside, or you might choose instead to stay in Broadway, which is a larger town that includes more attractions than Snowshill itself.  Don’t forget to stop by the Snowshill Manor and the Broadway Tower while you’re in the area.  While the lavender fields can easily take up an afternoon, there are many other things to see and do while you’re in this part of Gloucestershire.

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