Cotswold Gardens Gloucestershire

Sezincote Gardens

Sezincote Gardens in Gloucestershire

Perhaps one of the most architecturally distinctive sites in the Cotswolds is the Sezincote House in Gloucestershire.  This estate was designed by Samuel Pepys Cockerell in 1805 in the Neo-Mughal style.  The manor was constructed out of red sandstone with a copper chattri and minarets and is somewhat more exotic than the average English manor house.  The interior design however is more typically European, similar to that of other manor houses in the Cotswolds.

Sezincote’s gardens offer many lovely views of the exterior of the exotic manor house, wide green lawns, a lily pond, statues of elephants, and hedges carved like elephants and other whimsical shapes.  Sezincote is not your typical English manor house, nor are the gardens the classic English gardens you might expect when visiting the Cotswolds, but they do capture a different aspect of England’s past.  Sezincote hearkens back to the age of British Empire, uniting the styles of England with those of the lands that England once conquered.  This provides a different look at history captured through the lens of Cockerell’s fusion of architectural styles.  Fans of English and Mughal architecture alike will enjoy his beautiful construction while roaming the green lawns of Sezincote gardens.

Sezincote Gardens is just a few miles from Moreton In Marsh & Blockley in Gloucestershire.

Sezincote Gardens

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