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Rousham House

Rousham House is a large, regal-looking manor house located in Oxfordshire in the Cotswolds.  The house was first constructed around the year 1635 and has never left the ownership of its original family in all the centuries since.  It has however been remodeled a number of times, most notably by William Kent in the 18th century, who added Gothic elements to its style.  William Kent is quite well known, and fans of his work travel from all over England and all around the world to see the Rousham House.

The manor house itself resembles a miniature castle with its embrasured walls, and overlooks a beautiful garden featuring a pigeon house, apple trees, herbs and flowers, and artfully grown hedge walls.  There is no tea room at the Rousham House, which makes it a bit different from other houses in the area.  The reason for this is that the family did not want the grounds to become commercially developed.  They do however allow you to bring your own picnic lunch and eat on the beautiful grounds.  It is easy to spend an entire afternoon at the Rousham House, so you probably will want to plan for this.  You can also choose to have your wedding hosted at Rousham House.

Rousham House

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