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Roman Baths in Bath

Visiting the Cotswolds and interested in Roman history?  You won’t want to miss out on the incredibly well-preserved Roman Baths complex in the city of Bath.  This public bathing house features four main elements, the Roman Temple, the Sacred Spring, the Roman Bath House and the Museum, which contains a number of artifacts discovered in the Bath House.  More than a million visitors a year make it a point to stop by the Roman Baths and the Grand Pump Room nearby.

While you cannot actually bathe in the spring water in the Bath House, you can look at it.  There are also plenty of other fun historical activities you can participate in.  Throughout the day, workers garbed in Roman costumes tell stories to visitors about living and working in the Bath House two thousand years ago.  You can also stop in at the Pump Room and enjoy coffee, lunch, or tea, and while you cannot bathe in the water, you can taste the water from the spring at the fountain (you cannot bathe because the pipes that lead to the baths—not the fountain—are made of lead and have been declared unsafe owing to radioactivity and infectious disease, while the fountain water is safe).

In the evenings, the Roman Baths are lit by torches and are a lot less crowded.  The guided walk by torchlight is very atmospheric and can help you to experience the feeling that you have traveled back in time.  If you love Roman History, you will be thrilled at how well preserved these ruins are and how magnificently they capture a portrait of daily life in Ancient Rome!

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