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Prinknash Abbey

Although we know a lot about English history and the origins of many building it is unknown when Prinknash Abbey was first constructed. It makes appearances in historical documents that date back as far as 890 so we know that the building without a doubt is one of the oldest that we have.

Visiting Prinknash Abbey is an experience that everyone should that throughout their life time. The oldness of the building and the beautiful surroundings help to make sure that it is one of our nicest historical tourist attractions and something that we should be extremely proud of.

If you want to join in with prayer time at Prinknash Abbey then you are more than welcome – they welcome everyone into their fold and you probably won’t be the only visitor so don’t feel shy about going along.

They also have an extensive visitor centre which offers up a range of events and tours. This means that you can visit Prinknash Abbey and know that you’ll be made welcome and can take in a sense of the history this building has to offer without hassle. Prinknash Abbey itself is easy to find and if you are a male who wants to stay within the grounds then you will usually be made to feel welcome, although you will be asked to make a donation towards the cost of your accommodation.

Prinknash Abbey

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