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Peto Gardens

The Peto Gardens are located at the Ilford Manor Estate in the idyllic Ilford Valley by the Fromme River in Wiltshire.  The manor itself is a beautiful building constructed out of characteristic golden Cotswold stone with an 18th century façade.  The gardens take their name from Harold Ainsworth Peto, a landscaper who lived in the manor house from 1899 to 1933.  Peto’s beautiful gardens are still a favorite destination for visitors to the Cotswolds today.

Peto’s gardens have a very fanciful look inspired by the gardens of classical civilizations.  Roman columns, statues, and paved walkways lead visitors between shady cypress trees, tranquil pools, delightful terraces, and aromatic wisteria vines.  Visiting the Peto Gardens is like taking in a bit of classical Italy without leaving English shores.  The columns and statues will make you feel like you’ve taken a trip back in time to ancient Rome.  The Romans themselves were past inhabitants of the Ilford Valley, and through Peto’s landscape designs, they have left a lasting mark.  If you are visiting during midsummer, you can enjoy the opera and jazz concert series.  Professional and amateur artists also are invited to play on Sunday afternoons.  The Sunday concerts are free to the public to attend.

Peto Gardens Wiltshire

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