Cotswold Gardens

Lydney Park Gardens

Some of the most magical gardens in the Cotswolds are located in Lydney Park between Gloucester and the Forest of Dean.  The Lydney Park mansion was built by the Wintour Family, well-known supporters of King Charles 1.  The estate passed to Benjamin Bathurst in the year 1719, and it has remained in that family ever since.  At Lydney Park, you can visit the Spring Gardens, Forestry & Sawmill, Dairy Farm, and Roman Ruins.

The Sawmill is a working mill which provides hourly cutting of oak, red cedar, and Douglas Fir.  At the Dairy Farm, you can purchase locally produced dairy products and caught venison and other game.  The Spring Gardens are of course the main feature at Lydney Park, splendidly cultivated with magnolias, cherry trees, acers, azaleas, rhododendrons, and other beautiful trees and flowers.  These delightful gardens have a woodland feel with a sense of wilderness preserved.  In the gardens you can also view the Roman Ruins which were excavated on the property in 1805, which include the remnants of a Roman camp and temple.  A Romano-British sculpture of a dog in cast bronze is the most prominent feature, and has become the symbol for this gorgeous Cotswolds estate.

Lydney Park

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