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Kelmscott Manor Near Lechlade

Kelmscott Manor near Lechlade was the home of William Morris.  Morris lived from 1832-1896, and was a famous textile designer associated with the Arts and Crafts Movement.  As an artist and a writer, he also frequently shared his insights about life and was also one of the earliest fantasy writers.

The manor itself is constructed of grey stone and sits in the middle of a pleasant green lawn with beautiful trees and flowers.

Admission to both the manor and garden require a modest fee.  While you are visiting Kelmscott Manor, you can enjoy envisioning country life in the 19th century and learn more about William Morris and his many contributions to textile art, painting, and literature.  Morris left quite a lasting legacy behind him and had an impact on many artists and writers who followed him.

While you are visiting the manor, you can also visit the shop, where you can purchase tablecloths, stationary, pillows, kitchen cutlery, hangings, rugs, and other household items which carry designs by William Morris.

These mementos are perfect reminders of your Cotswolds vacation, make wonderful gifts, and are unique treasures to be cherished by any fan of William Morris or the Arts and Crafts movement.


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