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Hailes Abbey

We are lucky to have lots of history and culture from yester-year throughout the whole of the UK. There are several areas which are packed full of different historical stories and memorials from different areas, so whatever area of history you have an interest in you will be able to find something to suit you. It is important to visit as many of these as possible in order to learn about our heritage and get an idea just how grand some of these buildings were.

If you are interested in history that dates back thousands of years then Hailes Abbey should be on your list of must visit places. Originally built by Richard of Cornwall back in 1246 it was designed as a Cistercian Abbey and used as one for many years. Although it never housed large numbers of monks the design was exquisite and it was laid out elaborately especially considering the age of the design. It was dissolved in December 1539 and late taken over by pilgrims who financed it due to the fact they wanted to visit its renowned relic, ‘the Holy Blood of Hailes’ – allegedly a phial of Christ’s blood.

Although it is now just ruins it is well worth a visit as it is an experience that you won’t get in many other places. The place has been designed now to be the perfect tourist attraction with guides around the abbey buildings so you can read about what everything was when Hailes Abbey was at its greatest.

You can also pay a visit to the Hailes Abbey Museum which has a whole host of stonework, sculptures and other historic relics that are well worth checking out. If you have time then the adjacent parish turn has a number of medieval wall paints which are also worth viewing.

Visiting the area is also easy by car with free parking for visitors. There is also an extensive picnic area which welcomes children of all ages so it is the perfect place to enjoy a spot of lunch with the rest of the family – you can even take your dog with you if it is kept on a lead.

Hailes Abbey

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