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Gloucester Cathedral

There are loads of places to visit in the South West of England, so if you are visiting this part of the world then you are likely to be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where to visit whilst you are there. However once place that demands a visit is Gloucester Cathedral which offers so much to the people that are choosing to visit.

Gloucester Cathedral is infamous for its links with religion and many people that visit are overwhelmed at just how strong the religious presence is when they arrive. However that doesn’t mean you should only visit Gloucester Cathedral because of its links with God, because actually it offers a magnificent day out and something for everyone.

There is a busy events schedule attached to Gloucester Cathedral which means that whatever time of year you choose to visit there will be something to suit you and your family. Many of the events are based around religion however everyone is welcome. Whether you want to visit morning prayer or you want to be present when one of the religious speakers are visiting to give a lecture you will be made to feel more than welcome and are sure to have an enlightening time.

It is well worth keeping an eye on the events that are up and coming because they often have unique lectures, concerts and events which are well worth checking out if you are in the area.

Even if you just want to visit the Gloucester Cathedral at a time when there isn’t an event you will still have a great time. The history and culture contained in this building is amazing and well worth a visit. From historical buildings and sculptures to breathtaking stained glass window displays there is something for everyone to see when they visit Gloucester Cathedral.

The great thing about Gloucester Cathedral is the fact that it is open to everyone and everyone who visits is made to feel welcome. From the friendly staff to the welcoming coffee shop you know from the moment that you step foot in the building that you are welcome and aren’t made to feel like you need to rush your visit or that they are simply wanting to make money out of you.

The people behind the scenes at Gloucester Cathedral recognise that many people want to learn about the history surrounding this fantastic building and how it came to be so famous. At their Education and Outreach sections they hold seminar days for school children regularly. For older students and adults who want to learn about the history around Gloucester Cathedral there are regular educational seminars so if this is something that interests you then it is worth keeping an eye out for events happening at the cathedral to see what suits you.

Gloucester Cathedral

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