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Chedworth Roman Villa

If you enjoy history then a visit to Chedworth Roman Villa will have you amazed and intrigued as you experience life in Roman times at Chedworth Roman Villa. The villa is one of the largest Roman Villas in the country and would have been home to some of the richest people alive during the 4th Century.

Planning a trip to the Cotswolds for you and your family will find you with plenty to do and see and Chedworth Roman Villa is a must visit attraction for all the family. Children love some of the holiday activities including costumed guides and live archaeology. There are also living history events taking places throughout the year.

There is lots to see on your visit to Chedworth Roman Villa which is between Northleach and Cirencester, the bath house is an intriguing place to see how the Romans had both hot and cold baths. A hot bath with under floor heating and a cold plunge bath. There is a water shrine where once stood an alter to offer up sacrifices to the goddess of spring, people still throw money into the pool at the water shrine as they did 1600 years ago.

You may be surprised that the Romans had flushing toilets back in the 4th Century. The latrines in the villa were wooden benches with holes cut out of them placed over the top of the sewers and a stone water channel carried fresh flowing water through them. There is the museum to visit on site which tells a history of the original excavation in Victorian times in 1864 of the Chedworth Roman Villa site. The original site was discovered by a Victorian gamekeeper beneath one of the fields.

New mosaic flooring was uncovered as late as 2011 and you can walk along a suspended walk way to get a closer look at all the mosaic flooring tiles. The first Roman villa at Chedworth was occupied in the 2nd Century and was extended until it was as big and grand as it is now. The site of Chedworth Roman Villa has 2km of Roman walls surrounding the Villa.

There are lots of unforgettable experiences at Chedworth Roman Villa as guides and volunteers bring everyday Roman life alive once again. If you are taking the whole family to visit then before your trip you are able to download a Roman explorer’s map of the site to follow on your visit. Discover how the Romans made and dyed textiles for their robes with live demonstrations of spinning and dyeing cloth.

There is a visitor cafe on site if you are hungry where home-made cakes are a speciality. A nice refreshing drink and a bite to eat before embarking on more of the Roman life adventure. There is also an onsite book shop where you can learn lots more about life as a Roman in Britain. There is also glorious woodland to stroll through on your visit to Chedworth Roman Villa or to have your own picnic as you take in all the realities of life in Roman Britain.

Chedworth Roman Villa is now owned and run by the National Trust for everyone to enjoy for generations to come. This is well worth a visit if you are planning a Cotswold holiday or thinking of a place to visit on a day trip, definitely child friendly in fact a great day out for all the family with lots of fun learning along the way.

Chedworth Roman Villas

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