Cotswold Gardens

Cerney House Gardens

If you are visiting Gloucestershire and are near the town of Cheltenham, you may want to take a few hours to visit the Cerney House Gardens.  These walled gardens belonged to Lady Angus and her daughter Barbara.  Previously, Barbara had no experience with gardening, but Lady Angus did, and together, they were able to cultivate a wonderland of floral beauty inside the old Victorian walls.  Initially, the garden struggled, but Lady Angus and Barbara were diligent, dedicating all of their time to cultivating it.  Over the years, this little garden has grown in fame and flourished.

Inside, you’ll find tulips, daffodils, snowdrops and many other beautiful species of flowers.  The garden, while clearly cultivated, has a wilder and more organic feel to it than many of the more orderly English gardens in the Cotswolds, and a smaller and more intimate feel.  You can also purchase hand-made cheeses at the shop on the grounds.  The Cerney House Gardens are also home to local goats, and several types of artisan cheeses are available for you to try.  These gardens are a great opportunity to get away from the bustle of Cheltenham and see some of the finest cultivated land in Gloucestershire.

Cerney House Gardens

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