Cotswold Gardens Gloucestershire

Bourton House Gardens

Visitors to the Cotswolds who love English manor houses and gardens won’t want to miss the Bourton House while visiting the village of Bourton-on-the-Hill.  Bourton-on-the-Hill is located in Gloucestershire two miles west of Moreton-in-Marsh, some of the most scenic countryside in the Cotswolds.  The Bourton House has a history dating back to at least 1570, the date on the dedication stone preserved on the site.  The stately manor was then rebuilt by Sir Nicholas Overbury in 1598 in the Jacobean style.  Considered unfashionable, it was rebuilt once more in the early 18th century by Alexander Popham.  The house has changed its form in some respects over the intervening years, but is otherwise intact.

Bourton House is known for its elegant English garden more than any other feature.  At the Bourton House Garden, you will find expansive green lawns offering lovely views of the house itself, comfortable garden benches in shady corners, artistically trimmed hedges, whimsically sculpted trees and bushes, and colorful fruits, vegetables, and flowers adorning the garden beds.  A neatly trimmed hedge maze offers visitors the chance to explore a charming knot garden.  The Bourton House garden may not be as large as some other gardens in the region, but it is among the most beautifully cultivated.

Bourton House Gardens

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