Cotswold Gardens

Barnsley House Gardens

The Barnsley House Gardens are the gardens attached to the Barnsley House Hotel which is one of the top luxury hotels in the Cotswolds, a beautiful historic estate in the town of Barnsley, Gloucestershire.  The Barnsley House is open to visitors, and you can in fact stay there in one of their guest rooms while you are visiting Barnsley.  As a full service hotel, the Barnsley House features modern accommodations in an old-fashioned setting, bringing together traditional English charm and modern day comfort.

The gardens are one of the most beautiful features of the Barnsley House, and are one of the main attractions to visitors staying in town.  The gardens are presently maintained by Richard Gatenby, and feature small, intimate walks through charming fruit and vegetable gardens and delightful little hidden corners with benches on which to relax.  You can visit the gardens whether you are staying in the hotel or just dropping by.

The gardens are also available for wedding ceremonies.  If you decide to tie the knot at the Barnsley House, you will enjoy an unforgettable occasion set against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful gardens in England.

Barnsley House Gardens

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